Thursday, March 29, 2012


The freckles on your back
are much more than that.

They are unnamed constellations,
worlds unexplored,
a beautiful collection of stars
scattered along and across the galaxy
of you, for me to explore.

Fingertips like shooting stars,
soaring along the milky way that is your spine,
circling rings like Saturn.

Time flies, lightyears,
but we don't notice.
Let me travel the worlds in you.

Samantha F. Gill ]

Monday, March 26, 2012

Hello, there.

I have made yet another blog - I always end up forgetting to update one, or getting tired of the content, or whatever else. The fact is that I am terrible at keeping up with these things. Nevertheless, I shall try again! I'm not sure yet what this will be about. Life, I guess. Some time later I will make an introductory post, because that seems to be the things to do.

Farewell until then!

xx Katie